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Long Type Linear Bearing

The long type linear bearing carries heavier load and guides better than the standard type, apart from a large increase in the length. It is built with two cages, and each cage is provided with steel balls. This makes the product especially suitable for use in torque load occasions. LM-LUU, LME-LUU, LMB-LUU three series are manufactured for different regions. For example, the LM-LUU series is more suitable for use in Asia, while the LME-LUU series with difference in the size and tolerance is more suitable for use in machines of European countries. In addition, the LMB-LUU series available in inch sizes enjoys strengthened load capacity. As each series of long type linear bearing has a variety of dimensions for option, so that it can be applied in machines of different sizes.

MYT is a specialized long type linear bearing manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast array of products, including compact type linear bearing, square flange type linear bearing, linear shaft, support rail, and more.

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