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Adjustable Type Linear Bearing

The adjustable type linear bearing can adjust the tightness between the shaft and bearing. It is specially designed with an open gap on the outside diameter for clearance adjustment. When a standard type product is installed onto the shaft, inappropriate clearance will cause premature damage, failure, or unstable running to the linear motion bushing. When the adjustable type product is installed into a bearing block that can control the outer diameter, users can adjust the clearance according to the actual situation, so as to ensure the optimum working condition. For example, the clearance can be zero or even negative in accordance with specific conditions. This adjustable type linear bearing has three series, LM-AJ, LME-AJ, and LMB-AJ, which are respectively corresponding to the use of standards in Asia, Europe and the Americas. With rich sizes in each series, the product can meet the different demand of customers.

MYT is an experienced adjustable type linear bearing manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as open type linear bearing, oval flange mounted linear bearing, SCE-SUU short slide unit, and SH vertical aluminium shaft support.

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