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Open Type Linear Bearing

Our open type linear bearing is similar to the standard type in structure, including the outer race, steel ball, cage, and end ring. Among these structural components, the cage allows the steel balls to be constrained in the circuit, while the end ring enables the cage to be fixed in the outer ring. However, the open type is cut off a group of circuit on the basis of the standard type. This allows easy connection to the guide rail and brings convenience for use in some special machinery. The open type linear bearing is divided into three series, LM-OP, LME-OP, and LMB-OP. They are manufactured respectively in accordance with the standards in Asia, Europe and the Americas, so as to adapt to use in different regions. Due to various models with different dimensions, the user has lots of choices.

MYT is a professional open type linear bearing manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes adjustable type linear bearing, oval flange mounted linear bearing, linear shaft, shaft supports and more.

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