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KH Mini Linear Bushing

KH Mini Linear Bushing

The KH mini linear bushing includes a number of different models, such as KH0622, KH0824, KH5070, and so on. These models have large differences in the size, load capacity, and weight. Among them, the model KH0622 comes with an outer diameter of 12mm, an inner diameter of 6mm, and a length of about 22mm, as well as is able to withstand a dynamic load of 400N. In addition, the model KH5070 mini linear bushing is the largest product in this series, with an inner and outer diameter of 50mm and 62mm respectively. Available in a weight of 252gf, it can withstand a dynamic load of 5500N and a static load of 6300N.

Technical Parameters
Designation Major dimensions(mm) Basic load rating Weight (gf)
ФdФDBDynamic C N Static Co N
KH254025354019901,670 66
KH305030405028002,700 95
KH406040526044004,450 182
KH507050627055006,300 252

As a professional KH mini linear bushing manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only compact type linear bearing, but also oval flange mounted linear bearing, shaft supports, long type linear bearing, and more.

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