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Product samples for Ningbo Meiyate Precision Transfers Component Company Ltd. Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan .

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ST Series Linear Bearing

The ST series linear bearing is precisely grinded into the cylindrical shape. It is assembled with ball retainers and steel balls inside the bushing. The steel balls are arranged in a staggered form, in order to uniformly withstand the load. In addition, the ball retainer undergoing drilling is manufactured from aluminum alloy having light weight and high rigidity, and is able to support high-speed movement. Furthermore, the thrust ring and snap ring are mounted on both sides of the internal bushing surface, in order to prevent the ball retainer out of range.

The linear bearing has the advantages of small friction coefficient, high precision and rigidity, as well as low price. Therefore, this product is widely used in the printing machinery, punching machine, press feeder, roll corrector, textile machine, distortion measurement equipment, optical measuring device, duplicating machine, and so on.

MYT is a China-based linear bearing manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as compact type linear bearing, linear shaft, square flange type linear bearing, and slide unit.

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