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Square Flange Type Linear Bearing

The square flange type linear bearing mainly consists of sleeve, ball, seal, nylon cage and square flange. Among them, the flange plays a fixing role. During installation, the coordinated equipment should have high bore accuracy.

The product is finely processed enjoying low coefficient of friction. This also allows it make almost no noise during working. Due to the reasonable design, the flange has good stability. In addition, the product also features high working accuracy. With easy replacement, it has been widely used in CNC machine tools, printers, power tools, sports equipment, multi-axis machine tools, and so on.

The sub-categories of this product are almost similar in the appearance and functionality. However, LMK, LMEK, and LMBK series are produced in accordance with the standards in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. With a wide range of size selection, it can be suitable for different machines. In addition, UU type is a common square flange type linear bearing, while the LUU type refers to the lengthened one.

As a China-based square flange type linear bearing manufacturer and supplier, MYT also offers oval flange mounted linear bearing, linear shaft, support rail, adjustable type linear bearing, and much more.

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