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Round Flange Mount Linear Bearing

The round flange mount linear bearing is equipped with a round flange which is stably mounted on the outer ring for fastening. It also comprises outer sleeve, resign retainer, steel ball, and seal ring. As for the installation of this product, the coupled equipment should achieve a high surface accuracy of inner bore. The product can run stably and quietly with little friction and high precision. In addition, it can also be easily replaced, which brings convenience for the user.

This round flange mount linear bearing is relatively similar to the square flange mounted type except the flange shape. Its sub-class products also are also common in the appearance and functionality. LMF, LMEF, and LMBF series available in a variety of sizes are respectively suitable for machines in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. For example, it can be used in the CNC multi-axis lathes, printers, power tools, sports equipment, and other machinery. By the way, UU contained in the model means that this product is an ordinary one. LUU corresponds to the long type.

As an experienced round flange mount linear bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, MYT provides a wide range of products that includes square flange type linear bearing, compact type linear bearing, vertical aluminium shaft support, and more.

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