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SC-UU Slide Block

SC-UU Slide Block

The SC-UU slide block is a standard type of aluminum slide unit. It can be simply installed by bolts, and is particularly popular in the Asian market.

Notes of Usage
1. Reference Surface
MYT slide unit is provided with a reference surface as a standard feature. By simply pushing the reference surface against the shoulder of the installation surface, high precision can be achieved.
2. Clearance Adjustment
The product is mainly made from aluminum alloy and bearing steel. It is characterized by rust-proof and acid-proof property, beautiful appearance, easy replacement, full range, low noise, low friction, low cost, smooth running, etc.
3. Recommended Fit
A standard grade slide bush is installed in MYT slide units. For clearance and transition fit, g6 and h6 tolerance shafts should be used respectively.

Technical Parameters
Standard typeBasic load ratingWeight (gf)Dimensions(mm)
DesignationLiner BearingDynamic C NStatic Co NShaft DiameterNominal Dimensions(mm)SC...UU

MYT is an experienced SC-UU slide block manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include SCE-SUU short slide unit, linear shaft, adjustable type linear bearing, oval flange mounted linear bearing, and much more.

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