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SCE-UU Closed Pillow Block

SCE-UU Closed Pillow Block

The SCE-UU closed pillow block is a kind of linear box unit with European standard, It is popular in the European market.

Technical Parameters
Standard typeBasic load ratingWeight (gf)Dimensions(mm)
DesignationLiner BearingDynamic C NStatic Co NShaft DiameterNominal Dimensions(mm)SCE...UU
SCE8UULME8UU260400 80Φ811173422186245M4×8Ф3.41830
SCE12UULME12UU410590 118Φ1215224430248335.5M5×10Ф4.32135
SCE16UULME16UU7701,170 180Φ1619255039339367M5×12Ф4.32636
SCE20UULME20UU8601,370 245Φ20212754413511407M6×12Ф5.22639
SCE25UULME25UU9801,560 550Φ252638765241125411M8×18Ф73444
SCE30UULME30UU15602,740 760Φ303039786049155810M8×18Ф74050
SCE40UULME40UU21504,010 1700Φ4040511027862208011M10×25Ф8.75067
SCE50UULME50UU38207,930 2950Φ505261122102802510011M10×25Ф8.75872

MYT is a specialized SCE-UU closed pillow block manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides vertical aluminium shaft support, open type linear bearing, pilot flange type linear bearing, and more.

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